"Our approach incorporates the best from the past. Our production techniques set the bar for the future. "


Our organisation, founded in 1996 by current president Bernard Filippone, manufactures a selection of freshly authentic products in which you can taste the authenticity of Italy. Manufactured according to time-honoured methods, our products reflect the culinary trends and technological advancements in the industry. From fresh pasta to main or side dishes, our many specialties are as flavourful and colourful as a home cooked dish, created with the freshest ingredients. Our organization is undergoing a period of growth, not only in terms of clientele, but also in terms of product categories.

Since 1996

Fresh/Frozen Filled Pasta Fresh /Frozen Sauces Retail & Food Service Branded & Private Label

Acquired facility in 2016

Rising Crust Frozen Pizza Thin Crust Frozen Pizza Frozen Crusts Branded & Private Label

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Fresh Pasta & Sauces

  • Low in sodium
  • Made with imported Italian tomoatoes and extra virgin oil
  • 100% natural and pure ingrediants
  • No coloring or preservatives
  • Thinner pasta with generous filling


We are proud to announce the newest member of our family, Pizza Romana. With rising crust as well as thin crust/stone baked pizza, our products cover a wide range of tastes and flavours, satisfying clients’ preferences. Our R&D team is constantly developing new recipes to meet consumer demand.


A mix of a unique and tasty recipe. White quinoa is used in this pasta blend as it conteains minerals and has a high protein content. Quinoa contains vitamin A, B, magnesium and minerals. The seeds contain 60% of carbohydrates and 11% protein. Highly digestible. Available formats: Penne, Fusilli, Spaghetti, Macaroni.

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Not only gluten free but certified organic

  • Made with 4 grain cereals
  • Same great taste as regular pasta.
  • Cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat free!


We have incorporated the cooking traditions refined by our ancestors, the painstaking preparation methods... and the latest technological advances.

Production Capacity: Three successive expansions have transformed our plant from 3,000 to 40,000 sq.ft. while our production capacity is now 5,000 lbs of pasta per hour and 1,000 litres of sauce per hour. Pizza Romana Capacity: 4000 pcs/hr for thin crust pizza and 3000 pcs/hr for rising crust pizza out of a renovated 60,000 sq.ft. facility in Lachine.

Quality Control: To ensure consistent quality, we test all products daily in our own laboratory. While our passion is reflected in our products, our consistent standards are revealed in our manufacturing processes. They include the strictest, most highly-controlled procedures as our guarantee of quality.

Customer Satisfaction: From production to distribution, our constant pursuit of excellence has earned us SQF 2000, HACCP and C-TPAT certification.


We continue to invest in Research & Development, to create new products that satisfy clients’ needs and reach the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Every year, Pasta Romana sends its most accomplished artisans to Italy for special training with the country’s finest pasta & pizza manufacturers to discover and master the very latest production methods as well as stay ahead of new product trends.


Our Innovation Lab is a company commitment towards innovation, R&D and market fit.

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  • Proactive approach to R&D, consumer & technology trends
  • Company brainstorming retreats to foster creativity
  • Leverage feedback on Social Media
  • Building product roadmaps 3 months – 1 year ahead of time


To help develop your private label, Pasta Romana Group has all the secret ingredients.

  • Recipes created to your specifications: Meeting our clients’ specifications and surpassing their needs is in our DNA.
  • Proven expertise in product development: One look at our unique range of products will convince you that innovation is our byword, so providing you with a distinctive offer is guaranteed.
  • Understanding retail: As an established manufacturer, we fully understand the retail environment, comprehend consumers, and deliver the goods.
  • On top of the trends: From the Italian countryside to supermarket shelves, our R&D team members don't just follow trends, they help set them.
  • Cutting-edge equipment: One of the reasons we're so coveted as a supplier is because of our production capacity, in terms of both human resources and technology. It means we always deliver the right product at the right time.
  • Putting the "service" in client services: Our recipes are not the only traditional thing about us. Our client services, too, are based on old fashion values like caring, accessibility, and paying attention to you.